Accent Your Bath With Best Shower Curtain Accessories

There are a lot of strategies to approaching bathroom decorating. Since your bathtub and shower are usually the focal point of your bath, some people find themselves a beautiful shower curtain and build a bathroom decor around it. Some materials for the best shower curtain are fabrics like brocade, vinyl with a lovely print, and dyed nylon. The best shower curtain for you is the one you fall in love with.Once you have found the very best shower curtain top you can afford, it is time to build a bathroom decor around it. The real fun begins with choosing the perfect shower curtain accessories for the curtain. Look at the shower curtain you purchased, does it have a picture or theme built into it? If it does, that is where you start.If the best shower curtain for you had a Jungle Safari cartoon pattern complete with giraffes and elephants you might add a bamboo look shower curtain rod to hang it up with. Your other shower curtain accessories might include an elephant soap dish and a giraffe toothbrush holder. Dont forget a required shower curtain accessory: the rings to hang your shower curtain with. Some ideas for these might be antique finish brass rings. You could even use a less expensive plastic shower curtain ring in a color that matches your shower curtain. Plastic rings are a great alternative and come in a huge selection of colors too.

A fabric shower curtain may have been the best shower curtain choice for you. Fabric shower curtains come in so many different fabrics, colors and patterns. Metal shower curtain rods are strong enough to hold fabric shower curtains and make a perfect shower liner fabric shower curtain accessories. Pair bronze finials and rings with a bronze shower curtain rod for a dramatic bathtub framing ensemble. Other shower curtain accessories for this design scheme might be black wrought iron candle holders and an amber colored glass soap dish and toothbrush holder. Add some more of your own ides to pull this together and you have a stylish bathroom makeover.Dyed nylon shower curtains are simpler but still come in vibrant colors. Some are dyed in graduated colors or can even be tie dyed. A tie dyed option could make a great bathroom make over for a teens bathroom. Feel free to use your imagination for this one.Regardless of which material you choose; for the best shower curtain, one of the must have shower curtain accessories is a mildew resistant liner to put behind the shower curtain. This will save you time trying to stop mold and mildew on your shower curtain.Hopefully, these ideas have your creative ideas flowing. There so many bathroom shower curtain accessories, the sky really is the limit. You can feel confident in finding all you will need to design and complete your own spectacular bathroom makeover.

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